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Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptable Power Supply


 Rolls-Royce Solutions is expanding their portfolio with mtu Kinetic Power Pack, part of our Power Systems business.

mtu Kinetic Power Pack provides dynamic uninterruptible power supply through kinetic energy and is engineered to withstand the most demanding power supply challenges.

Answering your specific power, footprint, and sustainability needs, mtu Kinetic Power Packs provide a competitive alternative compared to static UPS systems. The dynamic UPS technology is based on kinetic energy and consists of a diesel engine coupled to a kinetic energy accu via an electromagnetic clutch. mtu Kinetic Power Packs ensure reliable and environmentally friendly uninterruptible electrical power and power conditioning. Without the need for batteries, the system offers the highest power density (kW/m²) in the industry with a high system efficiency in conditioning mode, low total cost of ownership, small footprint, scalable solutions, and a compact design.